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11 March


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21 January

Most of us continue experiencing times and situations that are unprecedented, to say the least. The financial crisis leads us to re-evaluate our daily habits, and to scrutinize expenses that we took for granted until very recently. Does this bring us closer to a way of living gradually forgotten by modern habits? We had surely diverged from our predecessors way of life, but life, it seems, has ways of re-establishing equilibrium that are at least unexpected...

For the last 2 decades a lot has been written and said about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet for human health. Longevity, prevention of serious diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes control, cancer, even healthy weight maintenance have at times been attributed to the Mediterranean diet. This has been developed into a global trend, aided by celebrity chefs, and doctors worldwide. Can however nutrition on its own be responsible for all these nice things? Or is the Mediterranean "way of life", of which the diet is just a part? And finally, what is this "Mediterranean way of life"?

03 January

Chef Dimitris Chomatas and business-woman Maira Gomostioti first met at a reiki energy healers' conference. Their cooperation came about from a common wish: they both wanted to do something different, using their knowledge (creative cuisine and business management), to create a product radiating joy and bright positive energy compatible with reiki.

06 October


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10 June


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08 June

What is the role of fats in nutrition? Surely, a much discussed issue that can be confusing. Saturated, poly-unsaturated, Ω3, Ω6, trans, lots of kinds of fats, many scientific names , a lot of information, opinions, but one thing is certain. Fats are very fatening! They are however inevitable in our diet and sometimes even necessary. That's why we have to understand their properties, in order to make the right choices in our daily life.

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