Modern agriculture and cultivation technologies allow us to find us very easily nearly all fruits and vegetables all year round. There are however, significant advantages in consuming these products at their natural season. Some of these advantages are summarized below:

When fruits and vegetables ripen naturally, this usually happens with the least possible technical intervention. The result on our plate is a more natural, far tastier and surely has the maximum nutritional value.
They have not been transported from far-away places. So, their natural characteristics have not been affected by preserving them in refrigerated condition, temperature fluctuations, etc. In addition, products that have to be transported long distances are harvested early, before they are ripe.
Our nutritional needs are different during different seasons. So during the summer we have fruits like watermelons and tomatoes that cool us during the hot months. During the autumn and winter months on the other hand, when crops have to be usually cooked, there are plenty of vegetables that grow under the soil, and are rich in antioxidants such as carrots, potatoes and onions, keeping us healthy during the cold season.
They are cheaper! Seasonal fruits and vegetables are produced in greater quantities, with less technical interventions, and do not have to be transported long distances. All this contribute to reduce their cost. Another simple action that can lower our family budget during the crisis period.

In this section of we will present each month some natural seasonal products as well as their characteristics and benefits, with some tips and ideas for their preparation and enjoyment.