We live in a beautiful and gifted country!

Apart from the sun, the sea, the natural beauty, hospitality and friendly atmosphere, Greece has been identified as the home of the Mediterranean diet. In the world wide bibliography there have been references of the traditional diet of Greeks, and especially the residents of Crete, especially those of the older generations. A diet that is balanced, full of essential nutrients, containing all of food groups in ideal proportions. Many studies show that the Mediterranean diet is responsible for the long life, and general good health that residents of the Mediterranean areas enjoy.

Over time however, we have adopted “western” lifestyle. Beyond any other advantages or disadvantages coming to one’s mind, this lifestyle comes hand-in-hand with certain eating habits. Fast food, ready-made and processed foods are only some of these. Our eating habits are becoming more and more distant from the traditional Greek – Mediterranean diet. It is not a surprise, that obesity in Greece, and sadly child obesity, is now among the highest in the world. Although today more and more low-fat products are available, which we all try to consume instead of their full-fat version, the result seems to deteriorate with. This is not at all a coincidence.

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For all these reasons we decided to make an effort targeting:
  • To improve your perception of healthy eating and balanced diets.
  • Help you adopt better, healthier eating habits.
  • All products are carefully selected with health in mind, mostly from Greek, small producers
  • Our products are not widely distributed in retail chains. We choose products which are natural, pure, healthy, looking for the original Greek taste of that our ancestors enjoyed, and supporting the small Greek producers who do not have access to the mass market.
  • We offer excellent value for money
Our effort will be realized in 2 ways through greatfood.gr:
  • Through our e-shop. On its digital "shelves" you will find products categorized in a helpful manner. The ordering process is simple, and your order will arrive at your door quickly, economically and safely. The product range will be constantly widened, as we locate products and producers matching our expectations.
  • Our blog will be very regularly updated with interesting articles on topics such as: Nutrition and health, Greek producers, Sustainability, Greek nature, Local and seasonal products, Fitness and exercise, Recipes (because healthy eating does not mean boring)
great food for great people
We want to offer you access to objective information, filtered by our own personal experiences, without any subscription fees, purchases, or any other expenditure on your part. Are you wondering why? Just because we too have been through this unpleasant path. Every-day life, constant rushing, job, carrier, unsettled eating, weight gain. We ignored basic values,and we underestimated the importance that a healthy body can have in our everyday personal and professional life. Until we realized how vain all this was and we found the motivation and drive to get out of it. We have read a lot, in many cases contrasting information, we tried it on ourselves, we continuously got updated, and we finally made it! We understood how easy it was for anyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle, without restrictions in essential food groups, and without having to follow exhausting programs. We will share it all!

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You can also participate with your comments and suggestions. You can contact us by email at and send us material that you think is relevant to our blog. You can also suggest new topics, which you would be interested in, and we will try to offer you as much as we can.
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