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When Mozart met chocolate


We are in Munich and preparing for a day trip to Salzburg, Austria. The train ride is wonderful and in less than two hours we are in the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

We cross the Salzach River and find ourselves in the fairytale old town. On our right is a large toy shop with a huge plastic effigy (from a well-known toy company) of Mozart. We pass the big arch and the first building we see is Mozart’s yellow house. This is the building where the composer lived and now houses the International Mozarteum Foundation.

The first surprise comes from the ground floor of the building and the supermarket that is housed there. The window is full of large, small, octagonal, violin-shaped boxes of Mozart’s famous chocolates. Next to it the famous Mozart liqueurs, in classic, round bottles, miniatures, violins and more. The products are mainly from the Mirabell company in red packaging and with the composer’s figure in the centre.

We continued our walk along the main pedestrian street and a few meters further on we find the entrance to the famous Café Mozart. In the inner city we meet Fürst with the chocolates in the blue packages. The same in Braun and in every small or big tourist shop.

But what are these chocolates that you find everywhere?

Paul Fürst was the first confectioner who in 1884 made balls of almond paste, covered them with praline cream, dipped them in bittersweet hot chocolate and finally covered them with another layer of chocolate. He called them Mozartkugel and made history.

Alongside the chocolates, liqueurs began to be created. For 150 years they have been made with the purest ingredients with sugar, cocoa and vanilla as the main ingredients. The way they are made has made Mozart chocolate liqueurs the world’s leading chocolate liqueurs.

From then until today, chocolates and liqueurs have become a strong tourist product for Salzburg and the whole of Austria. As much as I sometimes think it is a commercialization of the country’s history, I think it is a brilliant business idea. Recognizable, high quality and relatively high priced, Mozartkugel and liqueurs are definitely Austria’s flagship tourist products.

Watch the process here in German youtube

If we make the comparison with the Greek market this would be rather difficult. Not because Greek artists are not as recognizable, but because how would you feel if you were buying chocolates “Manos Hadjidakis” in your office, drinking a “Mikis Theodorakis” liqueur with your loved ones, relaxing by the sea with a “Ulysses Elytis” ouzo while eating a “Markos Vamvakaris” sardine.

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