Greek Producers

Mr. Juke’s handmade creations

Chef Dimitris Chomatas and business-woman Maira Gomostioti first met at a reiki energy healers’ conference. Their cooperation came about from a common wish: they both wanted to do something different, using their knowledge (creative cuisine and business management), to create a product radiating joy and bright positive energy compatible with reiki.

So, the handmade “Mr Juke’s” goodies were born.

mr-juke-w400Dimitri’s friends, used to call him “Μr Zuccero” (Mr Sugar) every time they tried one of his sweets. Greadually, Ζuccero, became Juke, as a nickname. So, the whole philosophy of the handmade culinary creations of Mr Juke’s was built around this name. All ingredients used for sweets, sauces and drinks are seasonal fruit, vegetables and spices of Greek origin (except pineapples) and every time carefully selected. This way stock is quickly rotated depending on the season, ensuring freshness!

The production techniques are traditional, originating from Dimitri’s home town. After all, his flirt with sweet tastes started during his childhood. Today, as a professional, every time he tries to create a new sweet, he is looking for the original, unrefined taste, without preservatives and colourings, that his mother in Kavala used to make. All Mr Juke’s products are so fresh and pure that can even be consumed by small children.

Tastes however, evolve and have to adapt to the spirit of the times, and people’s moods. Hence the imaginative and humorous names of jams and marmalades! Peach Bellini, Aloe mohito, Carrot cake, Kinky strawberry, John Lemmon, Goji&Berry, Orange bunny…