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19 June

Impress your friends with this easy, light and healthy dish. Noone will believe that it took you just 15 minutes to prepare, so don't tell them.

19 June

Very few moments can compare to the personal satisfaction one feels, when the smell of fresh, warm home-made bread feels the air. As you cut it and its warm comforting smell fills the air, your mind surely goes back to times when things were much simpler.

08 May

A traditional Greek recipe, probably originating in Turkey (hence the name), is an ideal summer dish when aubergines are plentyful, and can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature. Our good friend Katerina Petri has given it a beautiful creative twist. Enjoy!

21 April

An easy, but substantial dish. Use a good quality goat's cheese. The result will be really rewarding!

04 March

Delicious, hearty and warming. The sweet taste of onion and carot balances the acidity of the tomato, while the split peas gives it substance, body and high nutritional value.

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