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03 March

A traditional Greek dish, enriched with a few creative notes, ideal for cold winter days, delicious and very nutritious.

16 February

If you've ever been to the beautiful Aegean island of Andros for sure you've tried the traditional omelette, the fourtalia, which in a way resembles the Spanish tortilla. Locals are very proud of it, and as usual there is a lot of local competition between the villages about the best recipe. Although it is traditionally accompanied by the unique local pork sausages, and the potatoes are sautéed in pork fat, we are presenting here a lighter version, so that you can enjoy it more often.

10 February

Well, summer is always around the corner, at least in Greece. One of the best things you can do with those beautiful lemons we get, is refreshing and healthy lemonade, a soft drink for all times, avoiding the over-sugared canned ones.
Our favorite taste in a quick & easy recipe.

03 February

A simple, tasty, easy to make and traditional dessert, in a lighter variation. It uses semolina, a part of the durum wheat grain rich in natural fiber. It also contains lots of protein and several important minerals as well as vitamins E and B. Yes, calories but at least with a high nutritional value. If you are worried about it, budget it with smaller pieces.

27 January

An easy, cool, healthy but mainly very nutritious salad for every occasion! It originates in the eastern Mediterranean countries and goes very well with a lot of Greek or other Mediterranean dishes. It can accompany grilled meats or roasts, fish or seafood, replacing potatoes or other starchy side dishes. You can even eat it as a main course if your follow a very strict nutrition regime, as it is full of wholesome nutrients and contains all nutrition groups. Best eaten cold, but you won't be disappointed trying it warm as well. Great solution for the dinner party or buffet table, due to its many variations.

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